Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a week!

Here it is, Thursday, (Maundy Thursday for those of you of the Christian faith), and I've not added anything to my blog since Tuesday. Tuesday evening there were 10 students in my Course 1; we made it through the class and decided to split into two sessions - one meeting on Tuesday night, the other meeting on Wednesday night. For the first time ever, the store manager greeted my class! I think my students really appreciated it.

I've not had time to work on any jewelry, yet. I've been updating my resume for work. My program is nearing its end, so it's time to look for the next opportunity. Today, I've been making deviled eggs for the Agape meal at our church tonight. 18 eggs. 3 dozen deviled egg halves.

After we get home from services this evening, I'll get busy. I don't have to work tomorrow. I plan to spend part of the day working on jewelry. I hope to go to the dedication of a sculpture in Highland Park tomorrow. I found out, through Facebook, that a fellow West Virginia transplant to Texas, from my home county, no less, is an accomplished sculptor and has a dedication tomorrow. That's all for now.

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