Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trade Days - Day One

I didn't realize I'd not written anything since the 9th.

The 50 bracelets are coming along nicely. I've worked out a system to speed up assembly. Other than that, I've been getting ready for Third Monday Trade Days. Yesterday's storm was interesting to sit through, outdoors, in a 24x24 spot, completely covered (thank goodness!), and largely enclosed by 6' high wind curtains. All my merchandise survived, but I did bring home the crocheted and knitted blankets to launder - four of them were soaked. Today's weather is supposed to be much better.

Tonight's the opening of our church youth group's silent auction to raise money for their mission trip. The dinner is usually excellent. I'll be on hand to answer questions about the jewelry I donated. The youth have put together several talents to share, including an indoor LaCrosse demonstration! That should be interesting to watch.

Time to get busy.

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