Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trade Days - Days Two and Three

Saturday was rainy (again) in the morning, sometimes cloudy, sometimes sunny in the afternoon. Sunday was a gorgeous day! There were a lot of people around, shopping, buying, chatting, a little of everything. I did a booming business in custom earrings, with several orders for next month. I even had one lady bring in a too-short necklace purchased from another vendor, who couldn't lengthen it, and ask if I could lengthen it for her. I did; a customer's a customer! I sure hope the other jewelry vendors don't start hauling their findings out there - I do a lot of alterations. Next time, maybe they'll start with me.

In a "what are the odds" moment, I was in or near my booth all weekend except for about 5 minutes Sunday afternoon. A friend was out shopping Sunday and is fairly certain she stopped by my booth but didn't see me there. What are the odds?

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