Thursday, December 2, 2010

What happened to 2010?

My last post (Good heavens!) was titled "What happened to 2009?" and was made in January. Now I'm asking, "What happened to 2010?"

Let's see:
March - broken arm
May - cast comes off
June - early December - physical therapy

So, that's what happened to 2010.

In between, there's been quite a bit of crafting. I found that tatting was very good physical therapy, and much more interesting and enjoyable than the exercises I was supposed to be doing. :-)

I've started selling at the McKinney Farmer's Market (3rd Sat of Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb, weekly Mar 19 - end of October).

I've added polymer clay and air-dry clay beads to my repertoire. Polymer clay is a little stiffer than gum paste, otherwise, the techniques are quite similar. I do have to keep the cats out of the room when I'm working with polymer clay - they always want to see what I'm doing and I don't want them getting clay in their fur.

I donated five floral arrangements to the Heritage Guild of Collin County for use in the Johnson House during the 37th Annual Tour of Holiday Homes - can't wait to see the Johnson House with its Victorian doll collection and my floral arrangements. I'll also be selling my wares at the Holiday Bazaar during Tour hours. It's this weekend (Dec 4,5), so it's a big weekend coming up. The photo is of my favorite arrangement of the five.

TIme to get busy. I still have to work today at my real job.

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